Welcome to HOST

HOST is a brand new, not-for-profit, card game focused on competitiveness and affordability.

Choose your HOST, and use them to enact your will upon the world.

Will you become a harbinger of balance, a cosmic force of good, or embrace the allure of chaos and destruction?

The choice is yours.

All profits from HOST go back into the community.

That means NO greedy shareholders. NO price gouging.

We keep prices as low as possible, and you can be safe assured that every penny you spend only goes back into the game.

Warring Card Game (WCG)

Start with a character deck, and build on your deck with expansion sets that will come in the future.

Character Decks contain a predetermined 51 card deck ready to play straight out of the box.

Expansion sets will contain a playset (4x) of every card. No more RNG packs, no more expensive cards.

Meridius Character Deck

A powerful grind strategy that utilises efficient early game Entities into very powerful Dragons.


Amatheia Character Deck

Capitalise on the top card of your deck to activate devastating effects with these Mermaids.


Annabella Character Deck

Play powerful spells and recur them with these Vampires. Set up for a devastating turn.