# Banlist

Banlist comes into effect 1st April 2024

(You cannot use these cards in your deck)

(You can only have 1 copy maximum of a Hard-Restricted card in your deck)

(You can only have 2 copies maximum of a Restricted card in your deck)

Breath of Fire (NEW) Encroaching Seas (NEW) Mind Control (NEW)

(You can only have 3 copies maximum of a Light-Restricted card in your deck)

# Erratas

Unfortunately mistakes happen. Any cards listed here should be treated as their fixed versions. All cards will be printed correctly after the initial print.

Nebulus the Gathering Mists

This card was printed without Storm in the Queen of the Sea Character Deck.

This card was printed with an incorrect resource cost in the Queen of the Sea Character Deck.

Vampiric Bodyguard

The Impervious keyword has been added in place of the original text.

These are all of the erratas for HOST WCG.