# Spoilers

The Everlasting Youth

The HOST of the new Character Deck, The Everlasting Youth gives a buff to all your Entities with markers, and allows you to use any Entity as a Prey.

While this looks good on the surface, it also has great synergy with the other cards in the deck... keep an eye out for those spoilers soon.

Predator and Prey

The new mechanics of The Everlasting Youth Character Deck reveal themselves at last.

Predator destroys all Entities you control with Prey, and then gets those Entities as markers.

Prey will trigger when your card is used as Prey for a Predator effect.

Beast Tamer Emil, Binky's Hedgehog

Evasive Spirit Deer Grizzly Bear

Lion of Gathloria Magestic Companion Stag

Matter over Mind Natural Reincarnation

Pack Leader of Collit Stampede of the Gathlorians

Stout Protector, Tortoise Sunrise over the Plains

Swift Gatherer, Squirrel The Everlasting Youth

Village Outcast Xindir's Constraint